Der Wandel kommt aus der Masse, nicht von den Machthabenden.


"I can tell you that the hope is not within the walls of the COP25. The hope is out here with YOU. They say right now in this march 500,000 people at least are participating. It is the people who are the Hope. YOU ARE THE HOPE. And we need to continue, to keep the momentum going. And we need to lend our the people of the Global South and to the indigenous peoples who are suffering the most from the Climate and Environmental Emergency."

"The change we need is NOT going to come from the people who are in power now. The Chnage is going to COME FROM THE MASSES, from the people demanding action. That is US. We are the ones who are going to bring change. The people in power need to catch up with us. Right now we are the ones who are leading. And they need to follow us. Because we are right now SHOWING THE WAY."

"They need to take their responsibility and do what they need to do. THEY NEED TO DO THEIR JOB!!!!!!!! The current world leaders are betraying us. But we will not let that happen anymore. we WONT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT ANYMORE."


"The change is coming whether you like it or not. Because we have no other choice. Thank you."

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