Mr. MIR answers the Open Letter to Simon in the name of the Illuminati brotherhood


Damit sich Herr Kollege Singh um die Schließung besagter homöopathischer “Krankenhäuser” unbeschwert kümmern kann, maße ich MIR an, den krassen Open Letter an ihn zu beantworten:

Dear Simon,

Why can’t you just mind your own business ….are you really a ‘spokespersons’ for ‘rational debate’ ? …

Our business is to tell the world the scientific

fact that eg. homeopathy is

not a remedy. Well, it is as

much a remedy as FSMoPathy is.

Quote from WDDTY:

Singh threatens NHS regions with legal action if they don’t stop funding homeopathy

Simon Singh—the freedom of speech champion who has tried for three years to get WDDTY banned in stores across the UK—is now threatening legal action against regional health authorities that offer homeopathy on the National Health Service (NHS).

Well yes, legal action is necessary, because the

NHS (National Health Service) is a service

for health – whilst homeopathy is not for

health. It rather is a kind of prayer.

Government shall not finance someone’s prayers!

He is asking up to 30 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) around the UK to review their funding of homeopathic services in their regions. Liverpool’s CCG has already promised to evaluate its £30,000 annual spend on homeopathy.

As soon as a CCG is doing a thorough review of

homeopathic health benefit it will find out that there is

no specific health benefit. Thus, spending tens of thousands of

Pounds for homeopathic “treatment” is wasted money.

The CCG for North Somerset and South Gloucestershire is high on his list as that spends around £200,000 a year on the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital. The total NHS spend on homeopathy is around £3m each year.

For reasons of scientific method and secularization,

zero Pound of taxpayer’s money shall be

spent on homeopathy.

He is threatening the CCGs with legal action if they do not review, and stop, their spend on homeopathy, which he regards as a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Mr Singh has approached has approached the CCGs through his ‘charity’, the Good Thinking Society,…3. ”

End of Quote

Yes, indeed, we Illuminati are threatening

in this way. But do not call it threatening, call it

critial thinking and secularization.

Aren’t you homeopaths mourning just as eg.

christians are mourning?

So you, Mr Simon Singh have founded a ‘charity’ that’s Mission Statement is to:

“To encourage curious minds and promote rational enquiry” 1.

And do you know what you’re proposing to do with that charity’s funds? Which stand at £43,000+ 2.

Use it to force various health authorities to stop funding homeopathic treatment, which, incidentally, represents LESS than 1% of the total NHS funding.

Indeed. One percent is one percent too much!

If you get your evil way, you will put out of business the three remaining homeopathic hospitals, who do REALLY good work with clients/patients that CAN’T be helped by conventional medicine.

It only is a myth that homeopathy can help

any patients. Especially those, which cannot be helped

by evidence-based medicine any more.

Can you show me any valid research

supporting your claims?

Bollocks to rationality, you shouldn’t use it when it comes to discussing people’s health.

Bollocks to your beliefs! Go to a church, bulid a

Hahneman-temple! But use your own money!

People want compassion, care, warmheartedness, mindfulness, helpfulness….and various other emotional help when they’re ill, not ‘rational debate’….since when did rational enquiry ever fix a broken leg, or repair a heart attack or sort out someone’s depression, or ME or ADHD, or make them feel better or recover?

As if a homeopath can do any more than giving

compassion, care, warmheartedness, mindfulness,

helpfulness. Helpfulness – yes, but not via globules!

You are NOT going to put the three remaining homeopathic hospitals out of business if I’ve got anything to do with it and if you do ANYTHING to put them at risk, you’d better watch out, cos I’m going to go for your ankles big time…

Ramen, Illuminatic Forces are busy in this hour

to close down all public-funded homeopathic

“health care” systems world wide. Ramen.

What makes it worse is you think you’re the champion for the people.

We are the champions, but only in the sense that we are

backed up by evidence. You are not!

But which people?

Sick people!

Where ARE these people that don’t want homeopathy on the NHS?

It is irrelevant whether somebody wants

homeopathy. It is just a placebo!

Are they receiving NHS care?

Are they?

Are they ill?

Most probably!

You and your ‘charity’ are funded by big pharma, that’s not a secret, but how can you set up a charity that’s sole mission is to put other organisations out of business?

We are only putting quack-organisations

out of business!

That’s not charitable is it?

That’s malevolent.

That’s fanatical.

That’s mean spirited.

Rather homeopaths and their fancy 200 years old

belief can be called fanatical.

“Dilution brings power” – bullshit!

I’ve sent lots of my clients and friends to the wonderful team at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital and they’ve received wonderful care, got better, recovered well with no side-effects or problems… even my son was treated by one of their team a long time ago….it’s MAD that you are so intent on wreaking havoc everywhere you tread.

This all, be it as you tell it, is not the tiniest

piece of evidence in favor of homeopathy!

Do you sound like someone who only has people’s best interests at heart?



You studied PHYSICS ….what do YOU know about health, or medicine or healing?

Ramen, none of us Illuminati is a homeopath, but

each single one of us knows all what there is

to know about homeopathy: IT IS A PLACEBO!


Let me tell you, you are not willing to know anything!

I am Soooooo fed up hearing people’s ‘opinions’, ….you’re entitled to your ‘opinion’ but until and unless you’ve BEEN ill or nursed the sick, then bloody well shut up about your ‘opinion’ on health and healing….

We are not busy with opinions, we are buys with evidence!

I speak from experience, over 15+ years of treating the sick, the unwell, the frightened, the worried, the mentally unwell, the anxious, the bruised, abused, operated-on-but-it-didn’t-work, the ill, the helpless, the sad, people with ADHD, people with cancer YES!!! cancer, HIV, AIDS, people with alcohol issues, drug addicts….back problems, digestive disorders, heart complaints, coughs, colds, fevers, spots, rashes, kidney diseases, skin complaints…

Remember, a placebo, be it homeopathic

or FSMoPathic, can actually be very very strong.

Still, it is a placebo! Medicine is something over the

placebo. By the way: if you are treating cancer, AIDS,

heart patients, etc.  solely with homeopathy, you will bring

them fucking harm!

I’ve treated PEOPLE NOT DISEASES….and that’s what homeopaths do, TREAT THE SICK…so save your energy for something worthwhile, save your opinions for something that people want, that makes people feel well and happy and leave the carers, the nurses, the doctors, the homeopaths and alternative and complementary therapists to do what they trained to do and have as a vocation, to LOOK AFTER THE SICK.

What else than treating symptoms is homeopathy?

Read the books by Hahnemann & Co

to see for yourself!

….and mind your own business….

Ramen, it is our business to bring scientific

evidence to the folks!


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