Vor wenigen Tagen hatte ich für einen Gast gekocht. Es wurde die anfängliche Frage gestellt. (Eigentlich ist der Text doch fast zu schade für einen transienten facebook-Eintrag :) )

"Why do you make such a complicated dish?" - "It is not complicated. Maybe it is just a little bit more of work." Cooking for a guest and the portion is for two days.

The recipe and preparation?

6 onions cut in tiny little pieces

half a kilogram champignon cut in tiny litte pieces

The onions fried for a small time to have them become glassy. Pepper and Salt added.

The champignon added, fried until all liquid is taken up. Some herbs added.

Everything put on a dish with fresh keeping foil and wait for cooling down.

In the meanwhile preparing the meat. Pork fillet spiced with salt, pepper and kurkuma, cut in little pieces. maybe each around 80 g. Fried in the pan which was previously used. Just for one minute, turning the pieces so every surface has a nice brown color.

Same procedure: dish, fresh keeping foil, resting the meat to cool down.

Later in the evening:

Taking out the big wooden tablet. Spreading some flour on it. Spreading some flour on a roller.

Using the ready made dough, spreading and rolling it on the tablet. Cutting 6 approximately square sections. Processing each sessin separately. Folding the square in an S-shape and rolling again to become a square again.

Put one table spoon of onions and champignons in the center, put one piece of the meat on it, add another table spoon of the onions and champignons on top.

Close the dough from each sides so you get a litte package.

Put that in a baking plate.

Repeat for the other five sections.

Use one egg to cover each package.

Repeat with the other portion of dough and the remaining meat.

Make two meat packages and 4 vegetarian ones.

Get two eggs in a bowl and mix them. Use a paintbrush to apply the eggs on each meat package.

Preheat the stove. (180°C)

Put the baking plates in the stove.

Drink some very good wine.

Wait half an hour.

Enjoy food.

Writing this is more complicated that actually making it. The kitchen is already clean again.


That is life nice company and Fillet Wellington.

F.W. hat es anlässlich der Hochzeit meiner Tochter gegeben. F.W. hat es anlässlich meiner eigenen Hochzeit gegeben. F.W. hat eine liebe Freundin gemacht, als ich das erste Mal bei ihr eingeladen war. F.W. wünschen sich manchmal die Kinder, wenn wir einen Geburtstag feiern. Dann muss ich für 16 Personen Zwiebeln und Champignons schneiden. Für zwei Personen ist es aber in Wirklichkeits ein Klacks, auch wenn es die Portion für zwei Tage ist. Schmeckt nämlich auch aufgewärmt sehr gut.

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