I don't know what to write about these days. The repeat of the presidential election in Austria? The impending whacky presidential election in the U.S.? The increase of hatred and race-related crime in Europe and the U.S.? Brexit? Each topic seems to be too political to be discussed on what I consider to be a light-hearted blog. From a marketing point of view, I want my readers to feel good after leaving my page. I don't want them to feel down or reminded of how f-ed up the world is at the moment.

In the midst of all the 'heaviness of life' is the whimsicality of the Euro Cup finale playing on TV as I write this. Who will win? Portugal or France? Do be honest: I don't care. And I am sure a lot of other people also don't care but they dive into the unimportant distraction that is soccer. And why not? Does it make us bad people that we are not glued to the TV thinking of all the injustice that goes on in the world? I don’t think so. I believe it is type of survival mode to try to hold on to the good things in life – or at least let yourself be distracted by the trivial things like the latest Pokémon game that seems to roaming around on social media these days. And even the 22 men in shorts that feel no shame about crying when chasing a ball across a field with hundreds of thousands of people watching (yeah, Ronaldo, I’m talking about you – you cry baby!), serve as adequate distraction from ‘life’.

And while France seems to be no one’s favorite nation except for the French themselves, I think we can all agree that France urgently needs something good to happen!

In that spirit: allez les bleus!

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