womit mer sich mal beschäftigen sollte,

statts das vorsintflutliche bild vom lüsternen orientalen zu bedienen, ist solches: https://www.btselem.org/gaza_strip/20231205_israel_is_not_fighting_against_hamas_but_against_civilians_implementing_a_criminal_policy_of_bombings

"Israel, however, adheres to the letter of the law, relying on an interpretation far removed from the purpose of the law. It claims to warn civilians before attacks – yet ignores the fact that they have no real way to protect themselves; it claims to attack only military targets – yet turns a blind eye to the thousands of civilian homes bombed since the war began; it claims to implement the principle of proportionality – yet provides an interpretation that is far from reasonable and according to which thousands of dead children are “collateral damage.”"

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