1. What does this mean? Taking a global perspective and therefore also a global language (sorry to lovely France, Spain, and all German-speaking etc....): What does this title mean?

2. It means that jobs created within a social-system dominated in large parts (TNCs) by producing and marketing what brings profits - is no more viable on our PLANET!

3. The approach to satisfy the basic needs of all citizens of the Planet Earth - ok they are probalby still for some time regulated in their daily life behaviour by rules insalled by "states" - is so live-determining that the "driver" being profit-oranizations seems more and more in adequate. However, we do not want to let go of our so far best-working organisational-format, which are entreprises!

4. If entreprises sell via markets - there seems to be no other criterium for measuring successful selling than profit (all sales-proceeds minus all costs). How to solve this question? In the online-world-conference, hosted by the young female yournalist, H.Hedayat - headquartered in her flat in LONDON, with participants from India, Californa, R.o.South-Africa, Zambia etc. - this question becomes primordial: Due to lockdown-regulations trying to control the pandemic Covid-19-crisis, in some regions to little food reaches the hungry, - people dying of malnutrition poses the next crisis...

5. We do have a "COMMON CHALLENGE" given by the CLIMATE-CHANGE hitting all life, and now also more and more our species; some say we have to engage in a public debate worldwide (as the above online-conference is a small example of): And - provided we reach more awareness of the globality of our crisis - still the question remains how to bring a globally accorded and evtl. enforced production and distribution of the basic necessary goods on its way?

6. Basic goods should be produced and distributed not with the primary goal to make profit (Return-on-investment) but otherwise? But how do decide on that, and by whom, and how to make it work?

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