Once I had e Pseumonia and I felt like staying in bad at lot. The enegy to stay up a work was not realy there. Then more so - dreams came angain - and there is, one, which I could hardly believe I will ever again come to indulge in life.

Half sleeping - have rolling back an forth in the hard bed - I love hard beds - I wandered when I finally will find my "reconvalescing" sleep. An after some time I truely did:

"I found myself in a nice position: I felt my 28 year old pretty muscular body - almost naked, and in a good mood:

From behind me - almost naked - did hold me a much youger and very beatiful woman tigt and as near to her body as flesh allows. I felt her lovely neepes touched an ruppeg me a little - not demanding anything but more like making her comfortableness....And her right arm - long and pretty did reach over to my brest - playing slowly and lovingly with my own own nipples.

This alone did feel good, realy good.

Thanks goodness, he has giving up an the bowring rytual of the "Cowbow-riding-Game" - which was - sexy yes - but only for some time.

But this time I produced a book: "aleady I had in the bad, I started reading the book, I choose for the evening. But I heared all the more the do abounts going in the badroum, i.e.a kind of total cleaning, inside and outside.

I read a few lines and there she was, - her beaty brapped up in a far to large towl. Anyway: "Prepare youself, this book, please, will you now read to me nicely and with all your heart. Please!"

"Of, course, Dear, if you go wish this, I will". An so for some time we procedeed: I felt her nippels, often played aroud and slowly slowly our hands tenderly moved deeper.... "You read the chapter to the end, Dear, please!!!", She nodded with a smile, an my heart pounded more mad or eve. For a forplay - which is supposed to take 4 minuets, - this was differet, pretty much longer...

....The end was grorgeous.

Next day, I did choose the book; yesterdays book was her choce. An it was grogeaous again. To bad. life it so shrort.#

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