1. If you have all the data about privious music, and we insert these valuable and - lets say complete - information in the super-computer (of Silicon Vally...) do we get a Beethoven symphony at the end?

2. If you are a chimpanzee and hungry - you see a tree with bananas, and a lion nearby, - you have to somehow intrinsically "feel" if it is worth the risk to run for the bananas...Therefore in the future algorythms will do all this better and more precise than we ever could do...

3. Please, let us stop with this banana-philosophy ...till HARARI comes up with an algorythm (with Silicon from the breasts of the Californian Vally or blabla) that can be "greater" than any of the Beethoven or Mozart compositions - since there is already a lot of time gone by - and nothing else than copies or variations of copies have been produces by these (vision-less) algorythms...Obviously a development from the marketing industry will fall back in the marketing industry blabla whatever...

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