dazu, also zu king Bibis letztem hit in tüten

schrieb Gideon Levy

"I obviously won’t vote for Netanyahu, but I hope that this time he keeps his promise. Let him annex the Jordan Valley, and afterward the entire West Bank. Let him turn the reality in this territory into a political reality, without hiding it any longer. The time has come for truth. The time has come to put an end to the great masked ball that Israel and the world have been holding for 52 years already.(..)

But there’s also a great deal more than symbolism here. Most Israelis have never considered the Jordan Valley occupied territory. Ever since our colonialist enterprise began, its settlers have been seen as “residents,” and even as pioneers, while its settlements have been seen as kibbutzim and moshavim – more stellar examples of Zionism.

In those settlements there are no prayer shawls and ritual fringes – there are Jewish masters and Thai farm laborers, like in every kibbutz and moshav. Also Palestinian farm laborers who earn shameful, exploitative, criminal wages. The Labor Party, the first and foremost party of occupation, has seen the Jordan Valley as an inseparable part of any agreement ever since the 1967 Allon Plan, which deserves to be remembered and condemned because no other plan has done more to perpetuate the occupation."

ich sag's mal ganz deutlich: damit dürfte auch dem letzten trottel of all three+x sexes klar werden/geworden sein, dass die 2-staat-lösung von anfang an eine totgeburt war.

die best friends of Israel müssen sich nun fragen lassen, was ihnen lieber ist: ein apartheid-staat Israel-inPalästina oder die nächste flüchtlingswelle oder mithilfe von BDS Israel dazu zu bewegen, der staat aller seiner bürgerinnen zu werden. was bedeuten würde, sich zu entzionisieren.

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