Future meets experience

Heinz K. Becker, MEP, has launched a project initiative - Title- Future meets experience - putting in place and operation of an EU wide observatory and reference center for intergenerational collaboration for job creation and business development. CESES - Confederation of European Senior Expert Services, its member organisations fully support the project.

A series of seminars and a conference are scheduled, to materialize this support and create conditions for the project to be optimally implemented. - First spring seminar in Brussels - Follow up seminar in Madrid in autumn - The Vienna conference end of the year In order to become a complete success, this initiative needs your full support and the political support at EU level as well as at the local Parliament level. Intergenerational collaboration for jobs is a task with utmost priority and not the division of aged and young people will bring us further, but joint action only.

Young people are faster, experienced people know the shortcuts. Should you want to get more details, please contact us at - ASEP Austrian Senior Experts Pool A-1010 Wien, Am Getreidemarkt 14/Top 23 T +43 1 713 13 18 | F +43 1 713 13 18-18 office@asep.at | www.asep.at https://www.facebook.com/ASEPAustria March 2014 - Kick off meeting Brussels

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