What is the difference between an HDI PCB board and a normal PCB board?

Ordinary PCB means that the signal frequency is above 1 GHz. HDI PCB means that there are buried holes and blind holes in the via holes in the multi layer board.

HDI is an abbreviation for High Density Inter connector. It is a kind of technology that produces printed boards. It uses a micro-blind buried hole technology to provide a circuit board with a relatively high distribution density. HDI is a compact product designed for small-volume users.

The product uses full digital signal process control (DSP) technology and a number of patented technologies, with full range of adaptive load capacity and strong short-term overload capability, regardless of load power factor and crest factor.

HDI is the English abbreviation for High Density Inter connector. High-density interconnect (HDI) manufacturing is a printed circuit board. The printed circuit board is a structural component formed by insulating materials and conductor wiring.

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