"Obama-Rede"/London - nächste Station Hannover Messe (gegen BREXIT für TTIP)

Barack Obama: As your friend, let me say that the EU makes Britain even greater .....„Großbritannien ist immer am besten, wenn es dabei hilft, ein starkes Europa zu führen“.„Die Verbindung der USA mit Großbritannien mache die Welt sicherer“, sagte Obama.

Obama betont die festgeschmiedete Partnerschaft mit GB, verweist auf die Schlachtfelder und Soldatenfriedhöfe der Vergangenheit und unserer gemeinsamen, demokratisch Werte. Er betont auch die Wichtigkeit internationaler Institutionen (UNO, Bretton Woods, Marshall Plan, European Union) und die Herrschaft des Rechtes. Dies brachte Europa schon 7 Jahrzehnte relativen Frieden.

……………….. the United Kingdom remains a friend and ally to the United States like no other. Our special relationship was forged (=festgeschmiedet) as we spilt blood together on the battlefield. It was fortified as we built and sustained the architecture for advancing stability and prosperity in Europe, and our democratic values around the globe. From the ashes of war, those who came before us had the foresight to create the international institutions and initiatives to sustain a prosperous peace: the United Nations and Nato; Bretton Woods, the Marshall Plan, and the European Union. Their efforts provided a foundation for democracy, open markets, and the rule of law, while underwriting more than seven decades of relative peace and prosperity in Europe.

“The tens of thousands of Americans who rest in Europe’s cemeteries are a silent testament to just how intertwined our prosperity and security truly are”

Die Herausforderungen des Terrorismus, Migration und wirtschaftlicher Gegenwind kann nur gemeinsam gelöst werden. Wir müssen die Gefahren des Islamischen Staates (IS) zurückdrängen bis der IS zerstört ist und zur Lösung aller politischen Konflikte im Nahen Osten beitragen.

Today, we face tests to this order – terrorism and aggression; migration and economic headwinds (=Gegenwind) – challenges that can only be met if the United States and the United Kingdom can rely on one another, on our special relationship, and on the partnerships that lead to progress.….Cameron and I will take on the full array (=volle Palette) of these challenges. We must be resolute and adaptive in our efforts to prevent terrorist attacks against our people, and to continue the progress we are making to roll back the threat posed by Islamic State (IS) until it is destroyed. We must work to resolve political conflicts in the Middle East – from Yemen to Syria to Libya – so that there is a prospect for increased stability.

Wir müssen unsere Investitionen in die NATO fortsetzen, um unserer Übersee-Verpflichtungen von Afghanistan bis zur Ägeis zu erfüllen und auch die russische Agression wird angesprochen.

We must continue to invest in Nato – so that we can meet our overseas commitments from Afghanistan to the Aegean, and reassure allies who are rightly concerned about Russian aggression. And we must continue to promote global growth, so that our young people can achieve greater opportunity and prosperity.

Obama fordert die Briten auf, für den Verbleib in der EU zu stimmen.

I realise that there’s been considerable speculation – and some controversy – about the timing of my visit. And I confess: I do want to wish Her Majesty a happy birthday in person.

But also I understand that there’s a spirited campaign under way here. My country is going through much the same. And ultimately, the question of whether or not the UK remains a part of the EU is a matter for British voters to decide for yourselves.....the outcome of your decision is a matter of deep interest to the United States. The tens of thousands of Americans who rest in Europe’s cemeteries are a silent testament to just how intertwined (= verflochten) our prosperity and security truly are. And the path you choose now will echo in the prospects of today’s generation of Americans as well.

Die Briten sollten in der Beziehung zur EU stolz darauf sein, dass sie ihre Werte dort verbreiten konnten: Demokratie, Rechtsstaatlichkeit, offene Märkte (Freihandel). Die EU schwächt nicht sondern stärkt den Einfluss der Briten in der EU und stärkt seine globale Leadership. Er fordert die EU auch auf, zur Stärkung der Allianz mit den USA beizutragen und die EU habe eine starke Position in der Welt.

“As citizens of the United Kingdom take stock of their relationship with the EU, you should be proud that the EU has helped spread British values and practices” . As citizens of the United Kingdom take stock of their relationship with the EU, you should be proud that the EU has helped spread British values and practices – democracy, the rule of law, open markets – across the continent and to its periphery. The European Union doesn’t moderate British influence – it magnifies it. A strong Europe is not a threat to Britain’s global leadership; it enhances Britain’s global leadership. The United States sees how your powerful voice in Europe ensures that Europe takes a strong stance in the world, and keeps the EU open, outward looking, and closely linked to its allies on the other side of the Atlantic. So the US and the world need your outsized influence to continue – including within Europe.

Die EU und die USA haben mit denselben Herausforderungen zu kämpfen: Migration, Ungleichheit, Terrorismus, Klimawandel - wir müssen sie gemeinsam lösen.

In this complicated, connected world, the challenges facing the EU – migration, economic inequality, the threats of terrorism and climate change – are the same challenges facing the United States and other nations. And in today’s world, even as we all cherish our sovereignty, the nations who wield their influence most effectively are the nations that do it through the collective action that today’s challenges demand.

Das IRAN-Abkommen zur Verhinderung von Nuklerawaffen war eine wichtige, kollektive Aktion.

When we negotiated the historic deal to verifiably prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, it was collective action, working together with the permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany, that got the job done. And the EU’s seat at the table magnified the United Kingdom’s voice.

Die EU und USA gaben dem Klimaabkommen in Paris wieder einen erfolgreichen Ruck.

When the climate agreement in Paris needed a push, it was the European Union, fortified by the United Kingdom, that ultimately helped make that agreement possible.

GB profitiert von der EU-Mitgliedschaft bei der Schaffung von Jobs, Handel, Wirtschaftswachstum im Rahmen unserer Werte.

When it comes to creating jobs, trade, and economic growth in line with our values, the UK has benefited from its membership in the EU – inside a single market that provides enormous opportunities for the British people.

"TTIP" wird von Obama natürlich beworben und er wird es mit Merkel in Hannover noch einmal tun. Er spricht von vorantreibenden, hohen Standards auch was "arbeiterfreundliche Regeln" betrifft. Die Zeit ist gekommen, wo wir fest zusammenhalten müssen.

And the "Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership" with the EU will advance our values and our interests, and establish the high-standard, pro-worker rules for trade and commerce in the 21st century economy. This kind of cooperation – from intelligence sharing and counterterrorism to forging agreements to create jobs and economic growth – will be far more effective if it extends across Europe. Now is a time for friends and allies to stick together.

Gemeinsam haben wir Jahrhunderte des Krieges transformiert in Jahrzehnte des Friedens und einer sichereren, besseren Welt - ein bemerkenswertes Erbe auch für die Zukunft.

Together, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union have turned centuries of war in Europe into decades of peace, and worked as one to make this world a safer, better place. What a remarkable legacy that is. And what a remarkable legacy we will leave when, together, we meet the challenges of this young century as well.

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